What is this?

The Fruit Bowl (TFB) is an Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC) community with the aim to provide a beginner friendly, casual sim-racing environment.

The purpose of TFB is to provide a mechanism to review race data, skill progression, and identify points for improvement. This can be achieved by comparing personal lap or sector times against the current leaderboard to identify where time may be gained.

The Fruit Bowl also implements a proprietary driver class and driver rating system to introduce competitiveness. After all, what is racing without a competition?

TFB started as a small project over the 2021 end-of-year break and is still in development. As time progresses, more features will be added. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please send it my way through the Discord community; I'd love to hear it.

Class System

The class system is calculated off a drivers win rate and podium rate in any race event that had 5 or more participants. The sum of the win rate and podium rate forms the drivers class value. A minimum of 10 events meeting the criteria must be completed prior to receiving a class.

Bronze - a class value lower than 40
Silver - a class value higher than 40 but lower than 80.
Gold - a class value higher than 80 but lower than 110.
Platinum - a class value higher than 110.

Note: The win rate and podium rate shown on the driver profile includes events with less than 5 participants.

Rating System

The basics
Drivers only receive an initial rating after competing in a ranked qualifying or race event.
Ratings are only adjusted if you complete more than 1 lap in the event.
How's it calculated?

There are 3 main things factored into the calculation.

Your current rating compared to the people that you are competing against.
Your finish position compared to where the algorithm expected you to finish, which is based on the point above.
How many people you were competing against.

This means that providing you place equal or higher than where the algorithm expects you to place, your rating will increase. The more people you are competing against, the larger the resulting change will be.

Strike System

The strike system is used as a penalty points sytem against individual drivers. Strikes are awarded by the stewards and discretion is used when determining how many strikes a player will receive. Strikes will not normally be awarded for minor or accidental incidents. The intended use is to combat trolls, retaliation ramming, and reckless driving.

If a player receives 10 strikes, they will no longer be able to connect to any Fruit Bowl server. If a player wishes to contest this, they are welcome to open a support ticket in the Discord.

If a player has 1 or more strikes, an alert will show on the drivers profile.


Implemented a Steam ID banning system that integrates with the driver strike system. If a player receives 10 strikes, they will no longer be able to connect to the server.
Implemented a mechanism to revoke lap times from leaderboards. This will be used in the event of major vehicle adjustments or BoP updates released by Kunos. The lap times will still be displayed within events, however will not be displayed on leaderboards or under the driver personal records.
Added search filters to driver searches. You can now filter by class, as well as see the driver class on the search results page.
Adjusted how the front-end displays on mobile devices in portrait mode. This was achieved by restricting some data from displaying. This data can still be reviewed by rotating the device to landscape mode.
Implemented browser history and URL's. This means users can now navigate directly to specific events, drivers, or searches by their URL, as well as navigate forwards and backwards using native browser functions. This is to encourage event and driver page sharing.
Implemented a driver class system. More information about this can be reviewed above.
Live player counts added to the statistics page.
Added a statistics page. You can now review daily unique player count and track popularity distribution
Adjusted some maths behind the driver rating system.
Implemented a driver rating system. This is loosely based on the ELO rating system, however it has been adapted to be applicable to multiplayer games. More information on how this works can be found above.
Added a driver rating leaderboard.
Added recent race results to driver pages.
Implemented basic leaderboard functionality for fastest laps and race wins.
The Fruit Bowl goes live!